A few words to introduce this charming village of 167 inhabitants, located in South Burgundy, more precisely in Saone et Loire, close to Cluny, Tournus, Taizé, Mâcon and Châlon.
Chapaize, a village of stonebuilt houses with their covered galleries, typical for South Burgundy is gathering around its imposing church, built in the 11th century in Lombard style. The overwhelming tower of the church can be seen from far away and it seems that all the roads and lanes to Chapaize have been built to lead directly to it. 
Four nearby hamlets belong to Chapaize: Bessuge, Gemaugue, Les Bidolets and Lancharre.

In Lancharre it is worthwhile to visit the church of the 12th century, remnant of a canoness’s monastery.
For more information especially about the church click to history of Chapaize (in French).
Around Chapaize you will find a large state and communal forest with two ponds and pastures. In all the hamlets and villages of the surroundings as well as in Chapaize itself you can admire the well kept old wash-houses (still used at the beginning of the fifties!) They offer cool shade for a rest.
In the background of this page you can see the church of Chapaize from the outside. The following photograph shows the interior of it:
Program of the concerts  of Chapaize.


The village is living thanks to the artists and craftsmen that have chosen its site! Pay them a visit, they deserve it!

International code for France + 33 (don't dial the leading 0)

The association of the friends for the restauration of the two churches of Chapaize. President Mr. du Ché (Tel.: 03 85 50 10 09) and Mr. Jaricot (Tel.: 03 85 50 13 44)

Another association, Chapaize-Culture takes care of the organization of musical events (contact,Mr Gerard Dalous, 03 85 50 70 75)

In the village, you have a vine grower (Mâcon blanc/rosé/rouge and Bourgogne Aligoté/ Passe-tout-grains), who sells his wine directly, Mr. Auclair (tél: 03 85 50 12 20)

You have 2 restaurants, the Saint Martin's, opposite the church (Tel.: 03 85 50 13 08, fax 03 85 50 19 98). 


La Table de Chapaize

In the hamlet of Bessuges (Chapaize is composed of 1 village and 4 hamlets!), you find sculpture ceramics, at Monique Degluaire (Tel.: 03 85 50 19 49, fax 03 85 50 78 58)

In Gemaugue, you have  jewels at Myriam Colonge (Tel.: 03 85 50 19 12)

The mayor is Mr. Michel Robin. You can meet him at the town hall, open Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon

Tél:(03 85 50 13 45)

Accomodation : Rooms to rent at Mrs. T. Tanner  (Tel.: 03 85 50 19 18) 

Appartment to rent at at Le Gîte du Bois Doré


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Author: Fred-Friend Rougemont, 19.04.2010